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 PLEASE NOTE: Fox Astronomical Observatory at Markham Park is TEMPORARILY closed to the public and to SFAAA members due to renovation work being performed on the building by the County.

Our regular Saturday night observing sessions will take place outside on the grounds, weather permitting. Please check our Facebook page for notice of cancellation due to inclement weather.

During the renovation process there will be no access to the restrooms by the public or SFAAA members during the event. We'll keep you informed as to the progress of these renovation efforts and will be certain to let you know once the building is open again. See you Saturday nights in the great outdoors (again, if the weather permits!)

If you arrive at the park before Sunset the toll taker at the front entrance will be able to direct you to the Fox Observatory inside the park.  If you arrive after Sunset there will be nobody at the front entrance – when you get to the 4-way stop, turn left, then take the first right, come to the end of the circle.  The observatory will be the flat roof building with the red lights. 

If you arrive before Sunset the park charges an entrance fee of $1.50 per person.  There is no admission fee to the observatory.  We are a non-profit organization not funded by the County and donations are welcome.

There is no standard agenda as what we are able to see changes as the night sky changes.

Of course all observing is weather permitting,  We can’t see through clouds or rain.

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