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Ask An Amateur Astronomer is an idea we have developed in our association in order to answer questions from the general public. Wether you are an expert or just getting started, no question is too big or too small. If we don't know the answer, we will work to find the right source to answer your question. If you are a student, a teacher or simply curious about astronomy, send us your questions. We will make our best effort to return to you with an answer in a short period of time.

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Bruce Nebens Asks: How do I aim my telescope (shielded by a mylar filter) at the sun? I obviously can't use the Tetrad that I use to aim my telescope at night sky objects? How much magnification will I need to look at sun spots? Written by Fernando Rodriguez 1819
Ted Delcima Asks: This is about the rumors going around about an astroid that will soon hit the earth. Especially Florida and cause a massive Tsunami and whip out the state. Have you seen anything in the sky that big or on its path to Earth? Written by Fernando Rodriguez 1916
Maria Martinez Asks:My question is as a new member (I'm getting it this week) with no telescope (yet) and just the sheer hunger for more knowledge could I come in on Thursday night to the member's meeting and would someone let me see through their or do I Written by Fernando Rodriguez 1498
Joe Sal Asks:Where is a good place in South Florida to get really dark skies with not a lot of bugs? Written by Fernando Rodriguez 1697
Gary Murphy Asks: Do you have any scopes or mount to rent so that people can try it form there house to see what they can see from their backyard before purchasing? Written by Fernando Rodriguez 2484
Pamela McKeown asks :What telescope should I purchase for my eight year old son and my husband? I'm looking for something that's not too complicated but something they can grow into as well so I'm not having to run out and get a better one too soon. Pri Written by Fernando Rodriguez 2314
Yannick Saez asks:Hi will you guys be meeting this Saturday feb. 14? and do/can we bring our own telescopes? Written by Fernando Rodriguez 2671
Tom Zetty Asks:How accessible (as in "unpowered wheelchair accessible") is the Observatory at Markham Park? Normally, near darkness is a disaster. (Latin pun intended). Clear skies! Written by Fernando Rodriguez 2729
Sean Bartholomew asks: I need to interview an astronomer for a school project is there some one there that I can speak to? Written by Fernando Rodriguez 3306
Sudip Ringwala Asks:I am interested in viewing the meteor shower taking place tomorrow. Is there a place I could meet some amateur astronomers to get a better view than just with my naked eye? Thanks. I tried calling the observatory but couldn't talk to a Written by Frodrguez 2457