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Rafael Motta Asks:If you had $450 bucks, which telescope would you buy? equatorial mount or electronic ? also, would you adapt it to your professional photographic camera or a CCD imaging for taking astrophotography? Written by Frodriguez 2740
CK asksWill Fox offer an observation program relative to the extremely well documented unidentified aerial phenomena? And, yes, it has "everything" to do with astronomical observation of our night skies, and our place in the cosmos. I personally can Written by F Rodrigueez 2700
Stephanie Strand asks:Hello! I was wondering where is a good place to view the upcoming Aquarids meteor shower? I'd like to watch at their peak, but I don't know of any park that is open at that point in ths night to allow for stargazing. Thanks so much f Written by Fernando Rodriguez 3198
Giri Murthy Asks:Is there any star parties near the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area? Which is the good site to find out about the same. Written by Fernando Rodriguez 3006
Clay Johnson asks:I would like to buy a telescope. How would you describe a good telescope? What are the specs I should be looking for? Written by Frodrigez 2545
Bill Mayerchak asks:I hear that the blood moon will be able to be seen in Florida around midnight Tuesday the 15th. We live in Hobe Sound. Can you recommend a good place to watch it? Written by Fernando Rodriguez 2269
John Farrow Asks:What can I realistically expect regarding seeing conditions for astrophotography in South Florida (Boynton Beach specifically)? What types of astrophotography are feasible here? Magnitude limitations? Recommended viewing sites? (From a mo Written by Fernando Rodriguez 2802
Murthy Giri asks:Is there any physical stores in FL who sell telescopes or eyepieces for the telescopes? Written by Frodriguez 2414
Deborah Johnson Asks:I'm a totally new person to astronomy. I'm 65 years old and just started reading about outer space. I think it's fascinating! I know I'm asking a lot, but are there any educational courses that you know about that perhaps I can go to? Written by Frodriguez 2014
My boyfriend and I recently moved to Miami Beach and were wondering if there is a good, affordable (not more than $200) telescope you recommend? He's always wanted to stargaze from our balcony but the city lights make it a bit difficult. Appreciate the he Written by Frodrguez 2166