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Currently I'm working on a fictional story. One of my main characters is a astronomy enthusiast. I have no knowledge of astronomy and would like to build a foundation. Where do I start? By Dwayne Dempster Written by Fernando Rodriguez 2228
I am very interested in starting the Astronomy Hobby with my father, do you think the following telescope is a good entry model ? - CELESTRON 4SE Computerized Telescope. By Alex Oliveira Written by Frodriguez 2537
I'm here in Florida for a short visit and brought my telescope: Sky-Watcher Black Diamond 90mm Refractor Telescope with AZ3 Mount. I am having difficulty focusing in on stars & I am concerned it may have been damaged in transport. Could you refer me to s Written by Frodriguez 2316
I recently found an infographic image online on how to view comet ISON from 40 degrees latitude (NYC, etc) in December. I was unable to find any information for Miami. How/where/which direction will I be able to view ISON from South Florida (about 26 deg Written by Frodriuez 1710
I am looking to Purchase a Telescope fort my husband for Christmas, we are looking for a beginners telescope, any you can recommend? Written by Fernando Rodriguez 2734
What is the bright object near the moon early tonight (Nov 6)....just below the crescent moon. Is that Venus? By Maurice Kreindler Written by Fernando Rodriguez 3068
Does the Milky Way rotate and/or revolve clockwise or counterclockwise? By James Goss Written by Fernando Rodriguez 14656
Last night (October 15,2013) at 7:30 PM, I noticed an incredibly brilliant light in the South-Western sky. I don't have a telescope, but, using my binoculars, I noticed this "light" was pure white in color. I live in West Palm Beach, Florida. I'm not Written by Fernando Rodriguez 2394
Hi! Is there anything going on for Astronomy Day (Oct 13)? I know it's a Sunday, but just curious. Thanks! By Lea R Written by Fernando Rodriguez 2221
Hi. I am putting together a Girls Night Out for the Full Moon of October. Where will Moon rise & what time? I am attempting to identify a location on Sarasota Bay, facing the correct location with a waterview in front of us. I think . By Karen Britt Written by Fernando Rodriguez 2079