Happy 4th July!!!!

This night was one of the best, we were again Joel and I at Area 51, with no clouds and no dew until 12:30Am, the transparency was very good for a summer night. We started with the Tempel comet on Joel’s telescope. We could see a bright dot, but we could not see the comma, then a big meteorite passed that bright part of the sky. After I read the post from Charlie H. about the super nova in M51 I tried with this exposition

Then here comes the challenge I tried to see NGC 6946 or Caldwell 12, and we couldn’t find the galaxy this is a magnitude 9.66 close to Cepheus. We tried with the 14’ and the 8’ and nothing. This could be a good challenge for the group.

My next two objects M16 and M17. These are the results of the session.



And for the end of the session M27

Best Regards

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