SFAAA dateline 10/18/2019 – As of 10/16/2019 Yahoo Groups announced dates for end of support for e-mail file attachments and file uploads, as well as polling data and calendars. The Yahoo announced end of support for new e-mail attachments and file uploads is 10/28/2019. Yahoo announced their deletion of existing storage of e-mail file attachments and uploaded files for 12/14/2019.

https://help.yahoo.com/kb/groups/SLN31010.html Yahoo announcement

SFAAA doesn’t utilize Yahoo Groups polling or Yahoo calendars. SFAAA makes considerable use of e-mail file attachments and file uploads. These changes by Yahoo Groups make continued use of Yahoo Groups inconsistent with SFAAA requirements for member communication and information exchange.

Existing SFAAA Facebook use will not be affected. However, Facebook is not organized for ease of access to the most recent posting. Additionally, Facebook does not support the convenience of group posting via e-mail. Therefore SFAAA will be moving from Yahoo Groups to Google Groups and using Google Drives for file storage. The transition will take place as soon as possible.

The SFAAA expects to keep existing Yahoo Group names as Google Group names (sfaaa_members, sfaaa_imagers, sfaaa_radioastro). The SFAAA expects to keep existing group member names and e-mail addresses. Yahoo passwords will not be transferred to Google. SFAAA group members should expect to receive an email invitation to join each of the Google Groups to which they are subscribed as Yahoo Group members. Yahoo Group files will be downloaded, archived to local storage, and uploaded to Google Group associated Google Drives. E-mail discussions will be downloaded as a digest and uploaded to the Google Group associated Google Drives so as to retain their original messaging dates.

In order to capture and transfer as much as possible new requests to join the existing Yahoo Groups will be discontinued by 10/19/2019 and the Yahoo Groups will be locked from new message postings and file uploads as of 10/20/2019. We apologize for inconvenience during this transition. The discontinuance of features in Yahoo Groups was a decision by Yahoo and not by the SFAAA.

Downloadable PDF of this announcement. 

Monroe Pattillo, SFAAA President

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